Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hong Kong: some measures for the common good

Tomorrow (13 November 2007) in Legco, Wong Kwok-hing proposes the following motion:
"That, in order to fully utilise human and land resources, develop diversified hawking and bazaar economic activities to enhance the attractiveness of tourism in Hong Kong, as well as to further revitalise on-street economy and diversified economic activities in remote new towns, this Council urges the Government to:

(a) preserve existing bazaars which have local economic, cultural and native characteristics, and assist in the sustainable development of such bazaars;

(b) establish and develop new marketplaces with various characteristics, such as creativity bazaars and marketplaces for organic fishery and agricultural produce;

(c) set up designated zones for street art performance, arts fairs and the like in order to encourage and promote the culture of street art performance, preserve collective memories, and maintain, discover and nurture the culture and talents of folk art performance;

(d) set up various types of dawn markets and night markets at suitable locations so that those running small businesses who are self-reliant and self-supporting can have a way out;

(e) explore the setting up of on-street cooked food designated zones featuring specialty food and drinks;

(f) expeditiously conduct a comprehensive review on the policies for hawker licensing and management to tie in with the objective of promoting diversified hawking and bazaar economic activities; and

(g) proactively explore with various District Councils to implement the above measures and means for revitalising the diversified economy and culture in the districts,

so as to provide the grass-roots with opportunities for starting up small businesses and employment."
Now that's urban renewal.

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