Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hong Kong: King of Kowloon is dead

Today's South China Morning Post gives a lot of coverage to the death of the King Of Kowloon (no link, behind paywall).

Worth typing here is this quote in SCMP from Antiquities Board member Ng Cho-nam. It concerns the continuing removal of the King of Kowloon's still existing street calligraphy graffiti:
[Having] a city as clean as Singapore is like being castrated, no character at all.
Quite so.

Furthermore, Mister Bijou would dare to suggest that the castration of Hong Kong applies equally to the on-going campaign by Hong Kong Government and the local cartel of property developers to rid the urban landscape of its traditional dai pai dongs, street and wet markets.

But the King of Kowloon . . . who he? If you ever walked around Kowloon during the colonial era you'll have seen Tsang Cho-choi's calligraphy graffiti covering lamp posts, telephone and traffic-light switch boxes, and walls. All over Kowloon.

SCMP has produced a video about the King of Kowloon, but it's Flash and unlinkable. For the time being, someone else has posted it on: youtube

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