Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bats For Lashes: What's a Girl To Do?

For the weekend, a guilty pleasure.

Bats For Lashes (Natasha Khan):

Brighton-based Natasha Khan, any chance she'll be at the party on 4 August? Mister Bijou is smitten: videocast


Lucien said...

I heard Mr Bijou had a bicycle accident this morning, I do hope that he's ok.

Was he trying to do like those animals in the music clip?

I'd just like to take a little space and say that I tremendously enjoy this blog. I often find myself guilty of browsing through it while at work. And I never took the time to comment on anything.
Oh well, I guess it's always better late than never.

Bon courage with everything and do keep posting!

mister bijou said...

Hi, Lucien!

Wah! News travels. . .

Like the animals in the clip? If only. Just a minor traffic accident, and Mister B went a-tumble. The outcome was a bad cut, raw wounds, a ride in the ambulance, and an outpouring of kindness by friends and strangers. Mister B considers himself fortunate.

And thank you very much for yr kind words, and comment too. Mister Bijou is also pleased to hear you are profitably using yr time at work. ;)

Again, thanks. Mister Bijou

ps: did you check out the videocast? Isn't Natasha Khan cool?

Nick G said...

Very cool (the video, not the bicycle mishap, which I am glad to see you are recovering from). Still, there is common theme...