Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hong Kong: South China Morning Post drama continues

Robert Mountfort was SCMP's photo editor until he was dismissed in June 2006 by the apparently humour-impaired Editor-in-Chief, Mark Clifford . . . Since when there have been a bunch more sackings and, erh, "resignations".

The latest South China Morning Post casualty?
Tuesday, Gracia Wong, a 19-year veteran SCMP librarian, was notified that she had been fired nine months short of her 20-year pension payout as a “mandatory redundancy with immediate effect.”
Nice one, SCMP.

SCMP's continuing turmoil: Asia Sentinel

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Anonymous said...

Now they say staff can "air their feelings" in open meetings. Who would dare with Clifford around? Hi fires people for joking or disagreeing with him. Let him go,go go... He has no business in a newspaper.