Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hong Kong: Bun Festival to go Plastic!

Plastic Fantastic . . . Today's South China Morning Post front page carries a report (pay wall, no link) that beggars belief.

As of this coming month of May, a little island in the South China Sea's Bun Festival will be featuring plastic buns on the Bun Tower. Yes, plastic buns. Lots and lots of plastic buns.

Out with the organic, in with the synthetic!

Ah, the synthetic aesthetic! And the utility! For according to Islands District Councillor chairman Daniel Lam Wai-keung, "[the buns] would look nice and create less mess."

That's what Mister Bijou's mum said the first time she brought home a plastic Christmas tree. Life went downhill ever after.

But, wait. The SCMP further reports the plastic bun decision was the result of brainstorming by the Council and Government's Leisrure and Cultural Services Department. Brainstorming, you say? Er, well done everyone.

Beaucoup de buns? Visualise between 8,000-10,000 imitation plastic buns. No doubt with an eye on the environmental lobbies Mr Lam hastens to add, "as long as [the buns] were in good condition they might be reused."

Or, not.

Mr Lam is a man of the moment, and has no known link to any pecuniary interest in plastic bun manufactory. He is, however, a political operator and man of vision: as well as being Chairman of the Islands District Council he is also Member of CPPCC Shenzhen Municipal Committee; Vice Chairman of the well-known environmentalist heavy weight the Heung Yee Kuk, New Territories; the Chairman, Peng Chau Rural Committee; and Member of the Selection Committee of the HKSAR of the People's Republic of China.

Anyway, perhaps words of support are in order from the toiling masses? How about other blue sky thinking to further improve the Bun Festival? What about other out of the box suggestions? Or otherwise . . .

Emails to SCMP: letters at scmp at com. (NB: scmp requires yr full name, address and contact number).

Emails (please be polite) to Mr Lam and other members of Islands District Council: IDC members

Mister B is sure overseas input welcome at the above.

Plus, comments (below) most welcome!


Anonymous said...

Hasn't Daniel Lam Wai-keung heard of Marie Antionette? Doesn't he know that messing about with people's pastries is extremely foolish and potentially terminal? Suggest immediate launch of Campaign for the Retention of Unplastic Mandmade Buns (CRUMB), plus an order into IKEA for a tumbril.

Cap'n Swing

Anonymous said...

Oh... no

nick g said...

The argument about cleanliness is just asinine. Real buns are biodegradable - what's wrong with a few crumbs for God's sake? Whereas, the all-new-improved squeaky plastic variety will sit in a landfill for a few hundred years.
Yet again, all it takes is a committee to royally screw up something that's been ticking along nicely for decades. Concrete the country parks, fill in the bloody harbour. Idiots, all of them.