Monday, November 27, 2006

Malay apple

Mister Bijou's favourite fruit and veg shop on a little island in the South China Sea has Malay apples back on sale.

Ten Hong Kong dollars a pound, that will buy you three or four.

In Cantonese, I think Malay apples are called lian wu (洋蒲桃)?

Native to Malaysia and Indonesia, Malay apples are also known further afield in the English-speaking world as wax-apples, java apples, water apples, jambu airs, wax jambu, and bell fruit. In French, they are known as jamalac.

Whatever the name, the fruit doesn't taste much like an apple (nor a pear) but has a crunchier texture and is generally much sweeter than either of those two fruits.

Nice . . . Shopping hint: the reddest ones are said to be the sweetest.

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