Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cairns, Australia?

Cyclone Larry? For those concerned about the welfare of Lyn A in Cairns the news is: there is no news. Except that phone lines in her district may be down. Or some of her grandchildren are hogging the computer. For the moment, no news is good news.

By all accounts, most of the property damage was in some town called Innisfail, which is 80 km to the south of Cairns.
The term 'town', however, may be too grand a word, local reports refer to Innisfail as a 'township'. Which is bigger, a town or a township? Mister B isn't sure.
Oh, the region's banana crop has been lost. It gets worse, make that 95% of Australia's banana production has been tropically trashed. Time to buy banana 'futures'?

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