Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Drama on a little island in the South China Sea

Local terrestrial broadcaster TVB filming on location. There's the film crew, ancillary others, assorted Canto actors, and a dozen or so crowd extras (age 18-25) including one European blonde . . .


YTSL said...

Any idea what show it's for? Also, Mr B, have you seen "Just One Look" (yet)? It's still my favorite movie associated with/filmed on Cheung Chau... :)

mister bijou said...


No idea what show, only that it's by and for TVB Canto.

"Just One Look"? Yeah, finally got to see it a year or so ago. I thought the plot and script, like many other HK films, were less than stellar but it was fun recognizing the places they filmed in.

Are there any other HK films associated with/filmed on CC?

YTSL said...

Hi again Mr. B. --

Aww, I thought "Just One Look" was pretty charming, actually -- the Hong Kong (and Taiwan) movie buff equivalent of "Cinema Paradiso". Among my good memories of Subway Cinema's New York Asian Film Festivals was viewing this film with a small but really appreciative audience.

Re Cheung Chau and other Hong Kong movies: There's also "My Life as Mcdull" (parts of it anyway!), "To Liv(e)", "Resort Massacre" and a Christian drama whose title, alas, escapes me! ;b

mister bijou said...

YTSL, thanks for comments and your list of films. The film "To Liv(e)" rings a bell. I'll see if I can find it. As for the others, it's my loss, but I think I'll skip "McDull" as well as the undoubted charms of "Resort Massacre".


YTSL said...

Hi again Mr B --

I can understand your wanting to skip "Resort Massacre" but "My Life is McDull" is actually a gem I'd like to recommend.

My review of the movie (written years ago when I was still living in Philadelphia) can be accessed here:-

Hope you enjoy! :)

mister bijou said...

YTSL, many thanks for the link to your film review! As a result, will seek out said film. Thanks!