Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time Out Hong Kong: Why Tycoons Take All Your Money

The current issue of Time Out Hong Kong takes a look at Hong Kong's Big Four Tycoons: Li Ka-shing, Thomas and Raymond Kwok, Lee Shau-kee, Cheng Yu-tung.

If you are in Hong Kong, it's worth shelling out the HK$18... it's a good read and buying the mag is a vote of confidence.

Written by blog-meister Hemlock (over here) the magazine's 'tycoon feature' explains:
 "Who they are, how they got rich and, in particular, how the grasping parasitical scum are squeezing the lifeblood out of you 24 hours a day. Oh – and how our government, when it’s not looking the other way, runs around actively helping them do it."
Out of town? Here: Li Ka-shing and Thomas and Raymond Kwok and Lee Shau-kee and Cheng Yu-tung.

Plus, One Degree of Separation and Evil Overloads or Lucky Devils?


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