Monday, October 03, 2011

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Black cat


mister bijou said...

This one is super grainy because I had left the ISO setting at 400 from the night before.

I usually shoot daytime at 80 ISO, which is fine grain.

Still I like the shape of the cat as is. . . technical mishap notwithstanding.

baroness radon said...

It doesn't matter if a cat is grainy or sharp, as long as it catches mice...

mister bijou said...

Ha, neat paraphrase of the Deng Xiaoping saying. Congratulations!

And that gives me the chance to offer you the only Chinese joke I know:

Three guys find themselves together in a prison cell.
Finally, one of them says, "I'm here because I opposed Deng Xiaoping,"
The second prisoner counters with, "I'm here because I supported Deng Xiaoping."
And the third? He looks kind of sheepishly before confessing, "I am Deng Xiaoping!"

baroness radon said...

And a great joke it is! (I can only assume then then ate the rat in the cell.)