Tuesday, May 03, 2011

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baroness radon said...

What IS that? A junk sail? A Chinese opera poster?
But I love this photo.

mister bijou said...

It represents the sail and mast of a windsurfer. An island girl made good, Lee Lai-shan, known as San San, gained the gold medal for windsurfing at the 1996 summer Olympics. San San was the first and last sports person to win an Olympic gold while Hong Kong was a British colony. (Post 1997, Hong Kong participates as Hong Kong, China).

The sail is made of some sort of plastic laminate. There are several identical 'sculptures" on a little island in the South China Sea. This one is usually in shadow, except for a brief period late morning when the sun lights it up.

baroness radon said...

Thanks, I never saw it. Wish I could now.