Sunday, January 30, 2011

Al Jazeera: Egypt

Been watching events in Egypt since Friday, thanks to Al Jazeera English's live stream. The news organization has crews in Egypt's capital Cairo as well as the cities of Alexandria and Suez.

Al Jazeera English has been superb: news, reported by bilingual journalists, and commented on by analysts who know what they're talking about.

Al Jazeera English live stream

Elsewhere, the role of Egypt's ultra football fans in the Egyptian revolt: War in Context

Translation of Egyptian pamphlet issued by activists just prior to the onset of the street demonstrations: nation

About an hour ago, the Al Jazeera office in Cairo was visited by plain-clothes 'security' officers who told Al Jazeera to take down their camera on the balcony and stop broadcasting. Al Jazeera has taken down their camera there, but they continue to broadcast images live from other parts of Cairo. . . reporters on the ground are, however, no longer being identified by name: Al Jazeera live blog

Again, Al Jazeera live stream

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