Friday, September 24, 2010

broken dreams

A gnashing of teeth and rending of garments has broken out in a corner of a little island in the South China Sea.

Why so?

Mister B is no longer able to send email attachments out.

Nor upload photos to the blog.

No idea why.

Tried all the usual: checked all the cables, checked all the settings. Googled to find out what the error message means.

Finally spoke to one of Netvigator's tech support. We spent an hour going this way and that. He was really good, knew his stuff. Yes, I'd even already tried doing a System Restore from a week ago.

So in the end he suggested what I dreaded: reinstall Vista.

Oh, that I might. Reinstall Vista, that is.

Why so?

A good friend went to Wanchai Computer Centre 12 months ago and got me this laptop. Everything has been tickety-boo until now. Now, I discover that I can't find the receipt (and hence the name of the shop).

This, it turns out, is important. I need to change the Vista install cd, the one I have is in Chinese and I can't read Chinese (my bad) so I won't be able to follow the instructions..

So I am stuck for the moment.

Mightily stuck.



Gweipo said...

upgrade to windows 7, it's heaps better, or just take the laptop to wanchai computer centre during a quiet time (early in the morning usually works) and find a friendly person to give you a hand. - find a shop with the same brand laptop and insist it was bought there. Most of the geeks in Wanchai are quite helpful...

YTSL said...

Are you still unable to upload photos??? Aiyaah, if so! :(