Sunday, August 01, 2010

Not Dark Yet

There have been no posts this past week because Mister B's trusty little camera (a Canon G7) has started having focusing problems, and so has Mister B.

Currently, both problems have no easy solutions.

Still, it's not dark yet.

For the meantime, posts are liable to be episodic at best.

Best wishes and thanks to you all.


YTSL said...

Hope both you and your camera's focusing problems will get satisfactorily resolved soon!

baroness radon said...

Stay focused!
Appreciate the Zimmie reference.
Take care of yourself!

mister bijou said...

The camera problem is easier and quicker to solve -- buy a Canon G11.

The other stuff?

This too shall pass.

Meanwhile, thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

Best wishes, mister b

Alice Poon said...

Hi Mister Bijou,

Please take good care of yourself. If you need a good eye doctor, please let me know, as I have a good friend who's a consultant doctor and he knows a couple of good eye doctors.


mister bijou said...

Hi, Alice. Thanks for the comment and your kind offer. No problem with my eyes, my inability to 'focus' was due to existential angst. The moment, thankfully, has passed.

Again, congrats on the Chinese edition of your book! Any thoughts about a new updated second edition of the English version?

Cheers, mister b

Alice Poon said...

Whew, that's a relief.

Thanks - it's highly unexpected. I thought about an updated English edition, but from the experience with the original edition (which has only sold over 500 in the past 4-1/2 years), I'm not convinced it's worth the trouble.