Friday, December 25, 2009

Robert Earl Keene: Merry Christmas from the Family

For Christmas, a guilty pleasure.

Feliz Navidad!


baroness radon said...

Merry Christmas Mr. B.

One of the nicest Christmases I ever had was watching the bioluminence in the wake of the slow ferry one night on the way back from your little island to Central.

Aloha nui loa.

baroness radon said...

I think I mean bioluminescence. Whatever. It was beautiful.

mister bijou said...

Merry Christmas, baroness r.

Thankfully, I haven't spent Chritsmas with family or friends in the conditions related by Robert Earl Keene for a good long time. That said, his song raises a smile or two.

As does your comment. I don't get to take the ferry often these days, but reading what you wrote brought back memory of the rhythmic thrub of the ferry's diesel engines; the constant swish of the water against the ship's hull; at the stern, the sea surface raging and churning . . . while all about in the darkness, the mesmerizing green luminescence silently frothing in the boat's wake. Thank you. Beautiful, indeed.