Monday, December 15, 2008

Lots of Lists for 2008

End of the year review, still growing list of lists for 2008: fimoculous


mao365 said...

The New Yorker is usually a good read, but they have to be kidding with this list of the 10 Best Films of 2008, compiled by Anthony Lane.

They have QUANTUM OF SOLACE on the list--this was a horrible movie--as well as IRON MAN, which I could sort of understand someone making an argument for.

Maybe it's being outside NY for a change, but that list sure seems limited.

Anthony Lane completely ignored or missed 2008's best films, which came for the most part from Asia, specifically South Korea with two amazing films in ROUGH CUT and THE CHASER.

I know these lists inherently have their limitations, but this list compiled in the NEW YORKER this year is rather embarrassing.

mister bijou said...

Thanks for the comment. Have not seen all the films Anthony Lane mentioned but the Romanian film Four Months, Three Weeks, and Two Days was gripping, while Iron Man was whimsical.

Can't comment on yr South Korean films.

Don't understand why Lane didn't include the two Italian films Il Divo and Gommorra, they're on mine.

mao365 said...

will check out Il Divo.

Cool photos, btw.