Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Greenhouse on a little island in the South China Sea

Update. Whoopsy-daisy! Sincerest apologies all round, the website address is:

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Today, midday, friend Jude opened her shop The Greenhouse in the first back street of a little island in the South China Sea.

What's in store?

Health foods.

That's to say, goodies including freshly-baked wholegrain and wholewheat baps, rolls and loaves as well as assorted vegetarian and meat pies, pasties and pastries.

And quiche lorraines (hooray!).

Plus, organic and pesticide-free white and brown rice, mushrooms, and eye-wateringly expensive organic, pesticide-free vegetables sourced from one of the handful of organic farms now operating in Hong Kong's New Territories.

There is a website, but it is very much Under Construction:

Alors, qu'est-ce qu'on mange ce soir, cherie?

Quiche lorraine (accompanied by non-Greenhouse, soak in water for an hour before cooking, semi-pesticide-free green beans and mushrooms).

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Erin Vorak said...

C'est délicieux la quiche lorraine. Ne pas abuser des lardons et même y préférer du jambon (de Paris) coupé en dés.