Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bean curd

Today's South China Morning Post has a one-page feature about bean curd (paid, no link). Lousy newspaper, great food.
Bean curd comes in many guises, can be cooked in many ways. I'll be buying a block of fresh bean curd later this afternoon at my local fruit and vegetables store. They keep it in a bucket of water close by the broccoli. The bean curd costs HK$1.00 for a block of the stuff, it's more than enough for one person.
How to cook? Here's what Mister Bijou does: drop a bit of olive oil onto a plate, mix in some dark soy source, place bean curd on top, garnish with slivers of fresh ginger and chopped spring onion, put the plate on a wire contraption in the wok filled with boiling water, put lid on wok, turn gas down somewhat, walk away from wok for 10-15 minutes... Ta-ra! Not exactly haute cuisine, but the result is good and healthy steamed bean curd. Bean curd?

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