Monday, February 27, 2006

MTR system map

Above is a regular map of the local mass transit railway (click on image to enlarge). However, there's now a meme going: devising anagram plans of assorted tube, metro, mass transit and underground train systems.
The idea may have been inspired by Simon Patterson's The Great Bear, purchased by London's Tate Gallery in 1996: Tate/Bear.
But whoever it was decided to do their own version -- an anagram one -- and put it online for general enjoyment.
Evidently, what is suitable for a public gallery is not suitable for elsewhere: Transport for London has unleashed its legal rottweilers. So, the site has now gone down. No problem. The London Tube anagram plan is now mirrored here.
Lots of people have joined in -- a new Tubeway Army -- and it's fun if you know the places concerned.
If you're going underground, why do you need bother about geography? It's not so important. Connections are the thing.
Harry Beck, designer of the classic Tube map
For more about the London Underground:
Mapper's Delight and Tube Map Variations
As of today, there are two, yes, two versions for Hong Kong. Who ever you are, thank you!
Invisible Company
Notes from a Cube Dweller
Cube Dweller's has stations on the Island line which go from A Hen Swung, through Cal Rent, Dirty Lama, Inca Haw, A Saucy Way and all the way to Wah Inca. Oh, and the/an anagram for Lantau Island. . . who knew?

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